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One Cavity in Malawi

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

An interesting oral health data point from Malawi in south-central Africa.

The heartwarming story of William Kamkwanba, a boy from Kasunga, Malawi who tries to bring food security to his family and his village by building a windmill to pump water from their well is told in The Boy Who Harvested the Wind.  His family lives primarily off of their corn harvest and occasional meat and other vegetables.  He succeeds in building the windmill from scrap parts based on plans he’s worked out from library books and gains international attention.  Donors provided funds to assist his family.  At the end of the book, he writes, “I bought better blankets to keep us warm at night in winter, malaria pills and mosquito nets for the rainy season, and I arranged to send everyone in my family to the doctor and dentist.  (After never having seen a dentist in my life, I had only one cavity!)” p. 260.

Tom Roberts