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We would like to hear your story about oral health and any challenges or successes you’ve encountered in seeking or receiving care. Oral health is a hidden part of the health care system.  We aim to change that, by collecting and sharing stories. We’re trying to do more than simply collect stories – we see your stories as the best type of information for government and policy officials to be aware of because it’s your stories that make the challenges of oral health access and care come alive.

All stories that we receive will be considered confidential and won’t be made public without your permission. We will contact you directly if we want to use your story and identify you by name on our website.

To identify if you live within the “Upper Valley” region, please click here for a list of towns.


Questions to guide the telling of a good personal story:
  1. What obstacle(s) were initially faced?
  2. Were they resolved (if so, how) or why were they not,
  3. What was the timeline for the event(s)? and
  4. What is the key take-away point for readers?

If you have any further questions about sharing your story, please contact the Coordinator  (COHI•toni©gmail•com)  .

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