Upper Valley Health Work Group

In addition to COHI’s commitment to addressing the oral health needs of the Upper Valley, yet another local organization, the Upper Valley Health Workgroup, chose oral health as its primary topic for conversation among members in 2010. The workgroup held a series of meetings during which members discussed various aspects of community outreach regarding oral health topics.

Those who participated in the Upper Valley Health Workgroup included:

  • Ellen Bailey, Lebanon School District SAU 88
  • Roberta Berner, Executive Director Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, Inc.
  • Michele Blanchard, Senior Care Manager Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
  • William Boyle Jr., Professor of Pediatrics and of Community and Family Medicine Dartmouth Medical School
  • Sherry Calkins, Community Health Improvement Coordinator and Event Organizer DHMC
  • Jonathan Chaffee, Executive Director Lebanon County Housing Authority
  • Martin Downs, Director of Public Health Programs, Mascoma Valley Health Initiative
  • Nancy DuMont,Community Health Manager Alice Peck Day Hospital
  • Robert Ellis
  • Deborah Johnson, Dartmouth COOP Project, Dartmouth Medical School
  • Sara Kobylenski, Executive Director The Upper Valley Haven, Inc.
  • Sara Koury, Director Employee Assistance Program DHMC
  • Antoinette LaMonica, Program Manager Boyle Community Pediatrics Program
  • Dana Michalovic, Center Manager ServiceLink Resource Center of Grafton County
  • Ronald Michaud,Community Relations and Development Officer West Central Behavioral Health
  • Todd Miller, Chief Operating Officer Alice Peck Day Hospital
  • Caroline Moore, Program Leader Aging Resource Center DHMC
  • Greg Norman, Director Community Health Improvement and Benefits Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC)
  • Hildegard Ojibway, Executive Director Good Neighbor Health Clinic/Red Logan Dental Clinic
  • Peggy O’Neil, WISE
  • Jennifer Petersson, Director of Community Impact Upper Valley United Way
  • Tom Roberts, Executive Director Ottauquechee Health Foundation
  • Jim Tonkovich, Regional Resource Manager Vermont 211
  • Charles Townsend, Board Member WISE
  • Vanessa Hurley

Organizations Represented:

Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, Inc.

Dartmouth Medical School

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Lebanon County Housing Authority

Alice Peck Day Hospital

The Upper Valley Haven, Inc.

Boyle Community Pediatrics Program

West Central Behavioral Health

Good Neighbor Health Clinic


Upper Valley United Way

Ottauquechee Health Foundation

Vermont 211