History of the Upper Valley Oral Health Coalition

Here you’ll find a short history of Upper Valley Oral Health Coalition (formerly COHI) founding as well as a few of the accomplishments the group has made over the years.

Late 2006

Good Neighbor Health Clinic convenes the first meeting of the Community Oral Health Initiative, bringing together dentists, medical staff, hospital administrators and social service workers

Feb. 13, 2007

The COHI community grows as more members are asked to join in the discussion regarding oral health needs for Upper Valley residents. The United Way of the Upper Valley region begins hosting meetings to accommodate a growing membership.

Mar – Dec 2007

Plans to develop reports of NH and VT specific dental disparities, to research the Dental Dozen plan in VT, children’s oral health needs and new types of dental providers to serve low-income populations. The group drafts problem statements detailing the following challenges to achieving optimal oral health for Upper Valley residents: overall oral health status is poor, access and affordability of oral health care are obstacles, barriers at the local level and beyond prevent significant change

Mar- Dec 2008

COHI members develop action strategies to address oral health problems including child/school-based programs, education and screening, promotion of nutrition and wellness programs and maximization of staff and resources at Red Logan Dental Clinic

Mar. 19, 2009

Op-Ed published in Valley News by COHI members Tom Roberts and Toby Kravitz “Putting Teeth into Health Care Reform”

Dec. 2009

Red Logan Dental Clinic awarded grant through Northeast Delta Dental to provide prosthetic implants to patients

Spring/Summer 2010

Upper Valley Health Workgroup names oral health as its principal focus for the next year; convenes three meetings and, with participation from members of COHI, creates the following workgroups: Dental Access Expansion, Workforce Development, Media, Mobile/Hospital Access and Advocacy

With funding from the Upper Valley United Way, the Ottauquechee Health Foundation, the Boyle Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation and the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, the Upper Valley Oral Health website is launched