Happy Hartford Teeth

What is Happy Hartford Teeth?

Happy Hartford Teeth is a grassroots campaign to bring water fluoridation to our town and improve the oral health – and overall health – of our children, neighbors, co-workers and friends. Learn more.

The Facts about Water Fluoridation

Fluoridation is highly effective at preventing cavities and the serious health problems that can result from untreated tooth decay. Learn more about water fluoridation.

Community Champions

We live, work, and play in Hartford. We care deeply about our community. We believe that it’s time for community water fluoridation in Hartford. We are the Happy Hartford Teeth Community Champions. Find out more about us.

How Can I Make My Teeth Happy?

Want to become a part of this important effort to bring community water fluoridation to Hartford? Find out how. Check out supporters in Hartford.

The Oral Health of VT

When it comes to oral health, Vermont is doing pretty well compared to the rest of the country. But, there is always more we can do. Believe it or not, cavities are the single most common childhood disease. And over 50% of our seniors on Medicaid have lost all of their teeth. Find out more.


Learn more about water fluoridation and who supports it locally and nationally.