Oral Health Facts for Happy Hartford Teeth

Nearly 1 in 5 kids in VT
haven’t seen a dentist — even for a checkup— because they can’t afford it.

FACT # 2
Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program has been available to Hartford children through schools for over 30 years.

FACT # 3
34% of all Vermont children in grades 1-3 have a history of dental decay.

Vermont’s School-Linked Tooth Tutor Program connects children to a full range of dental care through local Dental Homes.

There are about 35 hygienists working as tooth tutors in 120 elementary schools throughout the state as well as all Vermont head start programs.

344 children in grades K-3 were screened through the Upper Valley Smiles Program, and 28% had untreated tooth decay.

Community water fluoridation effectively prevents tooth decay, which gives significant cost savings to communities.

Oral health is an important part of overall health.

Vermont has been ranked as the nation’s healthiest state since 2008.  However, the burden of oral disease continues to silently affect Vermonters. The Upper Valley Oral Health Coalition is working to get our teeth healthy!

 Learn what you can do to have Happy Hartford Teeth.

Tips for Children
Tips for Adult

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