A Personal Story: Really Hard to Schedule – Laura, Vershire

Laura and her husband do not have dental insurance for themselves, but their three kids are covered by Dr. Dynasaur because they live in Vermont. Laura is committed to regular dental care for her family, and she pays for her check ups out of a health savings account that her husband contributes to regularly. Laura’s daughter has braces, which costs the family $290 a month, and with those payments due, she has less money to spend on other preventative care.

Laura tries to keep a regular check up and cleaning schedule for her family, but she says it’s really hard to schedule as far in advance as her dentist requires. For example, six months ago when she made their upcoming appointments she didn’t know her work schedule; now she’s faced with canceling the appointments or missing work. And now that the appointments are imminent, rescheduling will mean a substantial delay: “If I have to change it, I’ll never get in there. And that typically happens. So it doesn’t end up being like every six months, it becomes like, every eight months. It keeps slipping.”

Laura feels fortunate they have the means to pay for the care they need: “Luckily we’re generally healthy and our health savings account doesn’t end up being chewed up too quickly.”

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