A Personal Story: Mom Likes Mobile Care – Marcie, Strafford

Marcie is married with three small children, living in Strafford, Vermont. When her husband was teaching, their family had dental insurance, but when he left his job five years ago they were uninsured. During the time they were uninsured, Marcie tried to make sure the family got regular cleanings, but even that was difficult. She had to schedule the appointments so far in advance, by the time the date got there, something always seemed to come up and they’d have to cancel. She decided to switch dentists and found it difficult to get established with a new one.

She found herself paying careful attention to expenses: “When we were on insurance and I didn’t care where we went because it was all covered, I just went wherever it was convenient. When we didn’t have insurance I was like, well it’s silly to keep going to this guy if he’s more expensive than somebody else, because I’m paying out of pocket now.”

Marcie ended up switching the kids to the mobile dental unit that comes to their school. It offers cleanings and other preventative care from a hygienist who can refer you to a dentist if needed. Marcie’s pretty happy with this new arrangement because it’s so convenient. Marcie and her husband both started new jobs this summer and the family has dental insurance once again, which means Marcie’s husband can now schedule an extraction he’s been putting off.

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