A Personal Story: It Shouldn’t Be So Hard – Amy, Strafford

When Amy moved to Vermont fourteen years ago she had only been to the dentist twice since college. With only one cavity, she considered her teeth relatively healthy. Her story details how difficult it was for her to find satisfactory dental care, and how her oral health suffered as a result.

At the first dentist she tried, Amy had a cavity filled which needed to be repaired the very next year, and her dentist wasn’t comfortable when she brought her children to her appointments with her. The next dentist Amy found really worked well for her: similar health care philosophy, modern machines, short and effective appointments – unfortunately, this dentist had to close her practice for legal reasons. Amy’s third dentist gave her a treatment for her gums that stained her teeth brown, and then suggested they be artificially whitened. When her husband had to miss an appointment, the office cancelled hers as well, and wrote a two page letter of complaint.

At this point, Amy decided that she hated dentists, so she tried someone local who had a good sense of humor. He immediately scheduled her for a root canal. After the root canal, Amy had a three hour appointment to get a crown fitted, with pain that was, “worse than childbirth.” Amy had another root canal with this dentist, but could not bring herself to schedule the crown fitting. The tooth lost its temporary filling and a year and a half later, eventually rotted out. After this experience, Amy called a different dentist recommended by a relative, and has finally found someone she is happy with. But, about her experiences finding good dental care in the Upper Valley, Amy says: “It shouldn’t be so hard.”

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