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A Personal Story: Broken Dentures – Dick, Bethel

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Richard is 88 years old, lives in Bethel, Vermont, and does not have a regular dentist. His income is limited; he receives Social Security, Medicare, and food stamps which bring in around $800 a month.Thirty years ago he had a full set of dentures made for $400, and they’ve never caused him any problems. However, last week he was eating a hot dog when the bottom denture broke in half. He brought them with him to the senior center to see if someone could help him get them fixed. Karen, who works at the senior center, gave him the number of a clinic in West Lebanon to call, but she has no idea whether Richard’s dentures can be fixed, or how he will pay for new ones. Richard is glad for the help: “She’s going to see if we can find one that’s not too expensive, and maybe Medicare will pay for them.”