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A Personal Story: A Tooth Would Help! – Cathy, Enfield

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Cathy lives in Enfield, New Hampshire. This is her story:

I had a dentist ask me once, “you’ve had good times and bad, haven’t you?”

True, I have a couple of beautiful caps, some ugly ole’ black fillings, and many emergency extractions. I’m 63 and even with insurance it is NEVER enough to get a nice smile. :)

I have also worked with homeless people for 40 years (including running Shelter, Inc homeless shelter in Cambridge, Massachusetts for 7 years). When families call to ask what can they do [to help homeless people], I would say: “Help someone get to a dentist.” They can’t work without teeth. They don’t need pie at Thanksgiving or any more socks or hats – a tooth would help!

A Personal Story: Took Better Care of My Truck – Normand, Lebanon

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Normand lives in Lebanon, New Hampshire. This is his story:

I am 74 and just had 9 teeth extracted because of neglect. I took better care of my truck than myself. The last time and only time I went to a dentist was at age 7 when 11 teeth were extracted. It was a bad memory, because of the pain and probably the reason I stayed away from the dentist.