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A Personal Story: Crowns vs Food? – Martha, Sharon

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Martha moved with her family to Sharon, Vermont, from overseas three years ago. She went to the dentist for a full work up, and the dentist told her she would need several procedures done over the next five years. Martha and her family do not have dental insurance so she is paying out of pocket for all the work. Martha got one crown done for $1,200 and then changed dentists because she found one who would do the work for less money. However the new dentist has since raised his rates, so his crowns are over a thousand dollars as well. Last summer she had a second crown done with money from the family’s tax rebate. Although the crown had been intended for one tooth, it was put on another when the filling cracked and half the tooth fell out.

Martha still needs three more crowns and she has not scheduled the work because she can’t afford it. She’s not sure when she will be able to: “I’ve got lots of dental work to do and I’m not doing it because I haven’t got the funds right now.” She has thought about taking out loans for the work, but with a fixed salary, her family can’t afford the payments: “By the time you’ve taken out loans for health care, dental care, and everything else you need to take out loans for, you’ve got no food. So we can’t really do that.”