A Personal Story: Limits of a Limited Budget – Jessica, Chelsea


Jessica is the mother of three young children living in Chelsea, Vermont. As a single mom, her family is on a limited budget, although she and her children have some dental insurance through VHAP and Dr. Dynasaur. Jessica had a hard time finding a dentist who will take Dr. Dynasaur, but she finally found one in Norwich. She has been satisfied with the situation until the past year or so when gas prices have gotten so high that the drive is becoming a financial hardship.

Jessica tries hard to limit the amount of driving her family does in order to save money—sometimes she’ll drive the kids halfway to meet their father who will take them the rest of the way for their appointments. She says she’s seen a mobile dental clinic bus in Chelsea, but has not been able to find any information about the dates and times it’s open. Jessica herself has not had her teeth cleaned in two years because she can’t afford it, but she’s committed to keeping her kids’ regular cleaning appointments: “When you’ve got small children, you’ve got to be on top of that.”

Illustration by Dennis Pacheco.

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