There’s an App for That?

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Although the iPhone has only been around for 3 short years, not a day seems to go by without hearing the phrase “there’s an app for that” at least once. iPhone applications range from useful to intriguing to just plain kooky (iVoodoo, anyone?). Health apps in particular are becoming increasingly popular, with health-related apps for the iPhone alone reaching almost 6,000 according to a report by mobihealth news (1).

Since we’re always thinking about oral health, we decided to investigate whether apps related to the health of one’s teeth exist too. We’re happy to report that they do! Whether you’re looking for adult or children oriented oral health apps, Apple’s got you covered. The best part: Most are free!

Below is a list of some iPhone oral health apps we found particularly interesting. We hope you do as well.

Brush: (free) A toothbrush timer app that lets you know when to alternate brushing to a different section of the mouth.
Brush It Up ($0.99) – A game which increases in difficulty over time to teach kids how to effectively brush teeth.
CavityFree 3D (free):  Teaches patients how to correctly brush and floss teeth by using 3D demonstrations. This is a particularly helpful app for those with braces
Checkdent (free):  Features up-to-date videopods about dental health and treatments. Topics of interest include bleaching, implants, braces and periodontitis.
Checkdent Pro ($1.99) Similar to Checkdent, but features live operation videos.

Reference: Mobi Health News

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